Oxenham Associates – An Introduction

Oxenham Associates is an effective supplier of business advisory and coaching services, as well as acquisition and exit strategy planning . With offices in the UK and Canada, whatever support your company needs to adapt and grow, we can help.

From strategic planning and specific functional consultancy in Sales, Corporate Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, to mergers, acquisitions and disposals, Oxenham Associates can provide the expertise your business needs to achieve its goals.

Specific industry experience ranges from business and consumer services, property, trade & supply, import & export right through to manufacturing companies.


Mark Oxenham has trained, qualified and been accredited as a business adviser and has also held a number of non-executive director roles.

He has a track record of successfully starting and growing his own businesses as well as founding a company that he took to plc status. His practical, ‘hands on’ approach and ability to find the underlying causes of the problems that face independent businesses enables him to provide practical and effective solutions – as many clients will testify.

He splits his time between the UK and Canada, and has worked with many companies in both on strategy, sales and business development issues and is able to help growing companies achieve their full potential. He also helps business owners develop and implement exit strategies to help them to sell their companies.

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Mark Oxenham has trained in a range of senior business skills including:

  • Sales management;
  • Corporate finance management;
  • Human resources management;
  • Hotel, Restaurant & Leisure management.

He is an Accredited Associate of the Institute for Independent Business International and a Council member of New York based Gerson Lehrman Group.

In addition to his skills in general management, Mark brings all his experience to bear on the issues and challenges he is confronted with, as well as the tried and tested skills of his associates, and he is able to offer a wealth of creative ideas to help solve problems and provide strategic direction.

Oxenham Associates have been successful in raising both private equity and bank funding for a variety or businesses, as well as in negotiating the sale of businesses.

About Mark

Mark was born in London and has broad commercial and practical experience and detailed knowledge of growing and changing businesses in the manufacturing and leisure sector. He has worked with businesses in the Caribbean, Canada and the US as well as in the UK.

He worked in Bermuda & the Bahamas in five-star resorts and hotels and then moved to Canada and worked nationally in senior positions with Westin Hotels. He started his own businesses, including two fine dining restaurants in Canada, then was head hunted back to the UK as part of the senior management team that opened Canary Wharf in East London in the early 1990’s. He then founded a UK-based leisure company which he took to plc status. Since 2005 he has worked with growing companies and provided consultancy and advisory services to small and medium sized enterprises.

Mark, with his extensive resources, broad commercial and practical experience and his intimate knowledge of growing and changing businesses, together with his colleagues at Oxenham Associates, offers pragmatic and effective solutions for every kind of business challenge.

Mark has also been active in public service, serving as a presiding magistrate in the UK court system for a number of years.