Business Advisory & Coaching Services

If you are one of the many business owners across the UK or Canada who recognise the need to set your goals more effectively, or are struggling to achieve the lifestyle and financial rewards you expect from running your own company, Business Advisory & Coaching Services Services from Oxenham Associates can help.

“As a business adviser, Mark Oxenham has and is continuing to be very valuable. He has helped me re-organise my accounting practice, introduced a very valuable member of staff and we are now helping each other with the introduction of clients. I am more interested in retirement and holidays than growing my business. Thanks to Mark Oxenham I now have a retirement plan in place. Many thanks for inspiring me to get out of the rut I was so clearly in.”  

Alan Levene

Alan Levene & Co.

Mark Oxenham, Principal, with his extensive resources, wide commercial and practical experience and his intimate knowledge of growing and changing businesses can offer you pragmatic and effective solutions for every kind of business challenge. Mark’s experience working with a broad range of professional practices including medical, accounting and architectural firms across the UK and Canada is unrivalled.

With over 35 years in senior management, in the UK and across the US and Canada, much of which as a main board director and managing director, Mark has a strong range of skills and commercial experience, together with exposure to diverse cultural and ethnic working environments.

To discuss the advice your business needs, as well as how our coaching services can be applied to assist with your personal and business development, get in touch with Mark today.