Acquisitions and Exit Strategies

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a business, or even merge it with another, Oxenham Associates can help. With extensive commercial experience, Mark Oxenham, Principal, will discuss your objectives with you and advise on strategies to help you with:

  • Acquisition and assimilation of businesses for strategic growth in horizontal and vertical markets.
  • Mergers in your sector, again for strategic reasons, and often to achieve financial stability in difficult trading conditions
  • Business exit strategies – effective advice on exit strategies and with the minimum of fuss.

Your business won’t sell unless it is ready to sell, and it won’t be ready to sell if a prospective buyer does not see a strong management team. Do you have a strong partner or manager whom you can trust to run the business when you’re not around? Listen to our podcast!

“Having first met Mark in early 2007 I was quickly able to use his professional services in helping with the very successful sale of a business. Throughout this project Mark was very dynamic and responsive, creating an excellent working environment for all concerned. Mark has remained in contact with me, offering sound business advice and insights from his extensive professional experience. A mature and reliable business friend and colleague, I have no hesitation in seeking his wise counsel for myself, and can confidently recommend him to others.” 

Chris Trigg

Crucis Consultants Ltd

While Mark’s advice covers all the markets where he is active, Mark also assists UK businesses in acquiring and disposing of businesses. To find out more, just get in touch